Terms & Conditions of Sales

You finalize your booking with DAL OCEAN CHARTER.
- You are Hotel guest, departure point mentioned on your e-ticket. 
- If you are a CRUISE SHIP MEMBERS (P&O cruise, Carnival, Royal Caribbean cruise).... Departure point directly at cruise ship city terminal. Have a look the map we sent to you by mail before your book online.



- When you book with us , you received a notification from your bank that MANGOPAY charge you . Mangopay is the service that deals with payment security and it may check the credit cards validity at booking and before final payment
- If the service take place, we will charge in XPF (local currency) all the invoice on your VISA CARD or MASTER CARD the day before the tour. In New Caledonia, the reference currency is XPF so the reference price is XPF not AUD or USD … . We will charge you in XPF, not in AUD, USD …. We are in New Caledonia. When you will embark we will give you the credit card justificatory of payment in XPF. Between the day of your booking online and the day of the tour the rates XPF -> USD/ AUD / NZ.. will move ( increase or decrease) and price we give you is XPF. We are not responsible of that.
If your card doesn't work, we will give you "the abandonment ticket", and you must pay all the invoice on our Desk.

Cancelation policy :

- We can cancel if we have bad weather conditions (raining in the destination of the tour, not on the main Island) . You will have no charge, the credit card payment will be cancelled.

- If your cruise ship doesn't come to NOUMEA (bad weather conditions, Cyclone, emergency, epidemic virus,…), you will have no charge, the credit card payment will be cancelled except if the stopover of your ship is cancelled the day of the tour after 6 AM.

- If you cancel more than 2 days before while your ship still docking here, we will charge you 1 000 xpf/pers for fees.

- If you cancel 48 hours before while there are no bad weather conditions and your cruise ship dock to Noumea, we will charge you 50 % on the total price of the tour.

- If you cancel the release day, while there is no bad weather conditions and the cruise ship dock to Noumea, we will charge you 100 % on the total price of the tour.

- If you cancel while your ship still docking here due to virus circumstances (cf coronavirus) and if you postpone your Noumea Turtle Tour on another date (you can choose the new date now or later), we will deduct the cancellation's fees on your next booking when you will re-book.

- If your itinerary changes, we will adapt our tour to the new date whatever the time of arrival of your cruise ship. We just ask you to come to see us as soon as possible at our desk (in the hour which follow the arrival of your cruise ship). Your tour can be adapted according to our availabilities.

- We don't refund if you don't see or swim with Turtles


The following general terms and conditions explain the rules of usage and the content of the contract that the customer enters with Dal Ocean Charter Company

While we strive to provide the service, we advertise and want to give you the best possible experience, we do so by reacting and responding to the conditions presented with each tour. As we treat every Customer as our best client and endeavour to provide the best service we possibly can, we have created these Terms and Conditions to protect both you, the Customer, and us Dal Ocean Chater Company, and ensure we are able to offer you the experience we promise.

1.1: In order to reserve your water taxi spots or your private sailing catamaran/water taxi, you must by your spots ticket or deposit ticket on our web site www.amedee-taxiboat.com with a VISA CARD or MASTER CARD. AMERICAN EXPRESS are not accepted.
To confirm a booking we require provision of credit card details, including the card holders' name (as shown on the card), the card number, the expiry date and the CVV number. We accept VISA CARD or MASTER CARD. AMERICAN EXPRESS are not accepted
1.2: If the Customer hasn't bought any ticket : he hasn't got any reservation. If he comes on boarding without any ticket and if the boat is complete, the Customer will not be able to embark.
1.3: If the services take place, we will collected all the invoice in your VISA CARD or MASTER CARD. When you will embark we will give you the justificatory of credit card payment.
1.4: If your credit card doesn't work, we will give you "the abandonment ticket", and you must paid on board

2.1: We can cancelled if we have bad weather conditions (raining on the island). You will have no charge, the ticket will be cancelled.
2.2: If you're cruise ship don't come to NOUMEA (bad weather conditions, Cyclone). You will have no charge, the ticket will be cancelled.
2.3: If you cancelled the day before whereas there is no bad weather conditions and the cruise ship dock to Noumea, we will charge you 50 % on the total price of the tour.
2.4: If you cancelled the release day, whereas there is no bad weather conditions and the cruise ship dock to Noumea, we will charge you 100 % on the total price of the tour.
2.5: If the Customer is more than ten minutes late on boarding, the company can decide to begin its round trip . He will be asked to take another shuttle in the same day if there are spots enough. If it is not possible, the Customer will not be refund. .
3.1: The Customer undertakes to subscribe an insurance policy in relation to damages that may a rise and to which he could be liable for.
3.2: It is expressly agreed between the Parties that activities of the Customer performed out of board (snorkeling, walking, sunbathing…) are at its own risks and under its own responsibility, the Company shall not be liable for consequences resulting from said activities.
3.3: The Company shall not be liable for damages suffered by the Customer and resulting from an inadequate use of pharmaceutical products DAL OCEAN CHARTER puts at the Customer's disposal on board.
3.4: The Customer declares to be at least the holder of a civil liability insurance.
3.5: This insurance does not cover the theft and loss of the personal belongings of the persons transported, not the damage caused to others and to the passengers during the terrestrial movements or related activities (bathing, apnea, walk to land etc ...).
3.5: The Customer remains his own insurer for any damage suffered by other persons on board.
3.6: The Customer undertakes to have personal liability insurance covering all damages that may result from his actions.
3.7: It is expressly agreed between the company and the Customer that the activities carried out by the Customer out of the boat during the landings are carried out at his own risk and under his own responsibility, the company can not be held responsible. The accidents notified below are not the responsibility of DAL OCEAN CHARTER once the passenger has landed :
- Accidents related to swimming and/or webbed hiking (example: drowning, stinging of stingrays / stone fish, fish bites / sharks / moreys, burning of fire coral/stinging algae ...),
- accidents related to various activities of everyday life on the island (example: fractures, dislocations, sprains, tendon injuries, cuts, burns, sunburn / sunstroke ...),
- accidents related to the consumption of narcotics, alcohol or prohibited substances or food poisoning ...
3.8: DAL OCEAN CHARTER is not responsible for the harmful consequences suffered by the Passenger and may result from inappropriate use of the pharmaceutical products placed at his disposal on board.

4.1: In the event of a minor accident outside the boat, the Customer must notify DAL OCEAN by phone at + 687 96 11 31 if nobody representing the Company is staying close to the accident.
If DAL OCEAN CHARTER can intervene: it will be organized with the Customer. According to the Customer's health, and considers that medical care is necessary, it has the possibility either to make a doctor get on board or decide the Customer's evacuation to the appropriate hospital. All the given medical care (and if necessary the intervention of an ambulance) keeps in charge of the Customer who commits himself to pay back the Company for all. The Company is absolutely not responsible of given or not given medical services or treatment.
If DAL OCEAN CHARTER must divert and organize a special shuttle to repatriate the Customer, this private shuttle will be charged to the Customer depending on the destination : 15 000 XPF the shuttle to return from the Signal island or Laregnere, 20 000 XPF for the Isles Amedee.
4.2: The Customer can make the decision to return on his own by having notified the carrier by telephone.
4.3: In the event of an accident outside the life-threatening boat (drowning, biting, stinging, burns, food poisoning, sunstroke ...), accidents affecting the vertebral column (fracture, trauma), vital accidents (which presents a danger of death), the Customer must first contact the MRCC by dialing + 687 16 on the phone to organize the rescue and repatriation and then notify the Company by phone + 687 96 11 31 of the situation.
4.4: If the Customer has not activated the emergency services in the event of a vital prognosis and DAL OCEAN CHARTER is notified of the situation, DAL OCEAN CHARTER has the possibility of either getting a doctor on board or arranging the evacuation's Customer to an appropriate medical facility by air (helicopter) or marine (SNSM). All the means implemented and medical care provided (and, where appropriate, the intervention of an ambulance, helicopter or SNSM shuttle) remain the full responsibility of the Customer who undertakes to refund DAL OCEAN CHARTER expenses.

5.1: The Customer declares that he has inquired about the necessary skills to perform a shuttle on inflatable type boats with difficult sea conditions (average wind between 20 and 35 knots) and guarantees that he is in a physical condition to do this trip. All people with back problems (low back pain, herniated disc, disc fissure ...) is not considered in physical condition to make the water taxi Tour. The Customer must report his health problem on the back before departure to the Company and the skipper to place it on the most appropriate seats.
5.2: DAL OCEAN CHARTER reserves the right to refuse the embarkation of the Customer or to proceed to the disembarkation of the Customer in any port, since for any reason he would consider that this Customer is not able to travel in conditions sufficient health or safety, that it may endanger the health or safety of other persons on board, that it may put the Company under the obligation to provide assistance and assistance or to organize its repatriation.

ARTICLE 6 –Passager's obligation
6.1: Every Customer must comply with any reasonable Skipper's instructions given by Dal Ocean Charter during the trip and at the embarking and disembarking.
6.2: If Dal Ocean Charter designates a certain seat in the Water taxi during the trip, the Customer must take that seat.
The Customer undertakes to refrain from:
a. any improper conduct on board the Water taxi and/or on the Water taxi pier including, without being limited thereto, dangerous conduct, hindrance of the Skipper, scuffles, threats, dirtying and damage to the Water taxi or the Water taxi pier ;
b. conduct that complicates or obstructs the proper execution of the Contract of carriage ;
c. the use of alcoholic drinks on board the Water taxi ;
d. bringing along and/or using narcotics on board the Water taxi/Sailing Catamaran;
e. the use of tobaccos on board the Water taxi/Sailing Catamaran, including electronic cigarettes and suchlike.
6.3: The Customer undertakes to compensate the damage to Dal Ocean Charter caused by him or his Hand Luggage to Dal Ocean Charter, except to the extent that this damage has been caused by a circumstance that a careful Customer could not have avoided, and if such Customer could not have prevented the consequences thereof. The Customer can't be released from such liability by invoking the capacity or a defect of his Hand luggage.
Dal Ocean Charter reserves the right to refuse to carry or to remove from a service, a Customer who, in the reasonable opinion of Dal Ocean Charter, is intoxicated by drugs and/or alcohol and who may pose a potential threat to themselves, others or property. Any and all additional costs incurred as a result of the refusal to carry, or the removal from the service will be borne solely by Customer /purchaser of services and that sector of travel on the Customer booking will be deemed to have been travelled.
Any trip which is cut short or cancelled due to a safety issue not caused by WTC, or which does not go ahead due to drunk, unruly or drug affected Customer passengers, shall be charged at 100% of the quoted fare.
All decisions regarding safety are at the skipper's discretion and all decisions are final – this includes but is not limited to decisions regarding:
o Vessel speed
o Vessel course
o Wharf use and selection
o Vessel – to – Vessel transfers
o Passenger numbers
6.4: The Customer is expected to have an appropriate behaviour on the water taxi/sailing catamaran so as not to put the other Customers in danger. The Customer is also expected to respect all the security rules and company's instructions .
6.5: Dal Ocean Charter reserves the right to refuse the embarkation or to proceed to the disembarkation of any Customer whose behaviour or state (under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance, also depressive or under emotional trouble) could be a risk according to a sensible opinion, and/or could do himself a lot of harm, prejudice other Customer and/or the ship, without any indemnity .
More particularly, the Company will never be responsible of any psychological damage due to the maritime trip, and also due to injuries caused by the Customer's negligence or because of his behaviour or state .
6.6: The Customer must not enter on board with checked or forbidden substances. The Customer who does not respect this condition will be responsible of all lose, injuries, damage or costs caused by offence and /or will have to compensate the company for any complaint and final sanction from this offence .
6.7: The Customer commits himself to respecting all trip long the current laws and rules in the shipping area and on sea sanctuary islands, also in disembarking areas. If the Customer does not respect them, he will personally be responsible face to public authorities for fines, confiscations, prosecution and proceedings incured by himself, even if it's unintentional .

Art. 7 : Customer's Hand Luggage
Each Customer is responsible for his own Hand luggage. Hand luggage must be properly and safely packed.
7.1 : The luggage and own properties of every Customer stay under the supervision and the responsibility of their owner. The company declines every responsibility in case of losing, robbery and damage caused to luggage or own properties without any mistake from it or from the crew. Each Customer has to check its luggage is well attached on the boat and check to have all of them with him when he is getting off the boat .
7.2 : In case of forgotten luggage on board or on any island, the company can not insure to bring them back on the same day, it depends on the number of round trips. If the company has to make a round trip on an island just to bring back some properties, it will make out a bill on the Customer: the rate depends on the destination: 15.000 xpf for the shuttle to Signal or Laregnere Island, 30.000 xpf for Amedee, Ronde, Mbo, Mba, Mbekoin or Ange Islands .
7.3 : more particularly, the company declines every responsibility concerning damages caused to fragile goods or Customer's perishable goodstuff in his luggage (personal or precious effects).
Some waterproof bags are available on boats to put each customer's electronics under shelter.

8.1: The present terms and conditions are under French law applicable in New-Caledonia.
8.2: Any litigation deriving from interpretation, performance and/or termination of these terms and conditions shall be settled by competent court of Noumea, New-Caledonia.


By making a booking with us, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (including any amendments made by us) (Terms). If you do not accept our terms, please cease use of our Website and do not make a booking. These Terms form a legal contract between you and us.
We reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions and any linked policies without notice to you by publishing revised terms on this website. Any revisions are effective as at the time of publication.